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Cables and Hoses

Porta Cabos has a line of flexible cables such as: potency, control and transmission of data for its usage in mobile applications in cable carriers and trolleys. Cables that are flat, coaxial, optical fiber, with or without screen, PVC, PUR, TPE coated and resistant to low and high temperatures, greases, etc. used in naval, robotics, offshore, factory automation and automobile applications, among others.
Hoses for the transportation of water, air, high, low and medium pressure fluids, resistant to high and low temperatures, ozone, weather, chemicals, greases, etc.


We analyze each application and develop the best cable carrier solution.


Efficiency and durability, ensured by the use of high quality raw materials.


Cable Carrier are easy to install in linear and circular movements. A handy installation guide is included with each delivery.


The best delivery time on the market thanks to highly verticalized component manufacturing.